The Care Closet @ NKU helps support our trans and gender non-conforming students by purchasing chest binders. While this project has now closed, you can still support our mission! Please visit, select "Other" in the dropdown, and write "Care Closet." Thank you!

Care Closet @ NKU: Chest Binder Fundraiser

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Care Closet @ NKU Chest Binder Fundraiser

The Care Closet @ NKU is dedicated to supporting student success by providing free clothing to students that affirm their identities, encourage creative expression, and ensure that they have proper clothing for each season/weather. The NKU location was developed with the support of the CARE Closet in Newport, Kentucky; they provide all clothing for our location and work with us to select clothing that is on trend for college students. We also work closely with Career Services and offer opportunities for our students to select interview-ready and professional clothing while also learning how to interview, how to search for a career or job they'll love, and how to be successful now and after college.

Our program aims to break the stigma of accepting free clothing and empower our students to do what is best for themselves. All are welcome at the Care Closet @ NKU; we aim to provide clothing that is available for those of any size, gender, race, or creed. 

Free Chest Binder Program

An important campus partnership that supports this mission is our work with LGBTQA+ Student Initiatives to provide trans and gender-diverse students with the opportunity to select a free chest binder and to learn about safe binding practices through the Free Chest Binder Program. 

This fundraiser is to ensure that we are able to continue to provide this opportunity, as well as increase our ability to reach more students and help ensure that they are safe when engaging in this gender-affirming practice. Along with chest binders, binding tape is another option that we would like to be able to offer to our students; this option will provide this gender-affirming practice to those with medical conditions that prohibit the use of chest binders. 

This fundraiser could help the Care Closet @ NKU to provide gender-affirming support through the following levels of contributions: Level 1: binding tape for $15, Level 2: a chest binder for $37, Level 3: informational fliers for $50, and Level 4: the ability to bring a speaker to campus for $100. 

Please support NKU's trans and gender-diverse students by making a gift to the Care Closet @ NKU Chest Binder Fundraiser today! THANK YOU! 

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Binding Tape

Binding tape is an alternative to a chest binder; students who may not want to commit to a chest binder for medical reasons can still utilize binding tape.


Chest Binder

Chest Binders are purchased and provided to our students upon request.


Informational Fliers

Print materials for safe binding practices are essential to ensuring the safe application and wear of binders and binding tape. Each printed flier costs $0.23. These fliers will be distributed at all tabling engagements, events and programming, and throughout daily operations.


Bring a speaker to campus

We are coordinating with Equitas Health in Cincinnati to bring a gender-affirming care educator to campus to discuss safe-binding practices and to answer questions from our students.

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