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Future Health Leaders

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Empower Future Health Leaders: Support NKU's Institute for Health Innovation!

At the heart of Northern Kentucky University's commitment to a healthier future lies the Institute for Health Innovation (IHI). Our mission is clear: to transform healthcare infrastructure, elevate social determinants of health and drive innovation through collaborative efforts. Now, we invite you to join us in shaping this vision and making a lasting impact on the youth in our community.

Why It Matters: Building a Healthier Tomorrow Together
In a world of rapid advancements and evolving challenges, the need for skilled healthcare professionals is more critical than ever. The Institute for Health Innovation recognizes this urgency and is dedicated to preparing the next generation of Future Health Leaders. Our pioneering programs bridge the gap between education and healthcare and actively address disparities in access and representation within the field. 

Read more about the programs this fundraiser supports:

Health Science Book Club: Cultivating Curiosity and Knowledge

Imagine a future where young minds are inspired to explore the world of health sciences through captivating stories. Our Health Science Book Club brings age-appropriate books and engaging activities to students each month. By igniting curiosity and providing educational resources, we're nurturing a love for learning that will propel these students to become future health leaders.

Cadaver Experience: Nurturing Exploration and Discovery

High school students deserve an opportunity to delve into the world of healthcare first-hand. Our Cadaver Experience program invites them to the Health Innovation Center for a day of immersive exploration. Through interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and even simulated medical emergencies, students gain invaluable insights into diverse health careers. This experience is a stepping stone towards demystifying the field and igniting a passion for the health sciences.

Health Science Cafes: Fostering Dialogue and Mentorship

Conversations spark innovation, and at our Health Science Cafe, we're fostering meaningful dialogues between local scientists, NKU Faculty, and high school students. Over food and refreshments, students engage with cutting-edge ideas in health, science and technology. With the support of committed mentors, a core group of Youth Leaders takes charge of planning and executing these events. Together, we're nurturing a community of inquisitive minds and fostering mentorship that will shape the future of healthcare.

Summer Camp: Inspiring Ambition and Connection

Imagine a week where middle and high school students from across the Tri-state area gather to explore the world of future health careers. Our immersive Summer Camp offers students a unique opportunity to interact with peers, learn from experienced presenters and experience life on the NKU campus. By offering a taste of college life and exposing students to a wide range of health careers, we're inspiring ambition and building connections that will guide their educational journey.

Discovery Kits: Nurturing Curricular Innovation

We recognize the importance of innovative health education from an early age. We partner with local elementary schools to provide Discovery Kits—comprehensive STEM+H lesson plans and activities aligned with educational guidelines. These kits not only empower teachers with engaging resources but also introduce K-5 students to topics like healthy habits, biomedical engineering and social determinants of health. With hands-on materials and thoughtfully designed lesson plans, we're cultivating a foundation of health knowledge that will shape these young minds.

Doctor for a Day: Inspiring Girl Scouts to Dream Big

Empowering girls to explore their potential in healthcare is at the core of our Doctor for a Day program. We invite Girl Scouts in grades 4-12 to step into the shoes of healthcare professionals, providing them with an immersive and educational experience. Through hands-on activities, they gain insights into the exciting world of health careers. This program encourages them to dream big and break down barriers, fostering a sense of empowerment that lasts a lifetime.

Join Us on the Journey to a Healthier Future

By contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, you're investing in the future of healthcare. Together, we're nurturing a diverse, skilled, compassionate generation of Future Health Leaders. With your support, the Institute for Health Innovation can continue to bridge gaps, inspire curiosity and drive progress.

Join us on this journey today and be a part of a healthier tomorrow for all. Together, we're making a difference—one student, one discovery and one innovative idea at a time.

Donate now and empower the next generation of Future Health Leaders!

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Summer Book Club

Send a summer book box to an elementary school student. The boxes contain a book and corresponding activities to keep students engaged in reading and learning about health over the summer.


Train a Student in CPR/AED

Provide a CPR/AED certification to a high school student. If bystander CPR is administered soon after a victim has undergone cardiac arrest, the victim survival rate increases to 45 percent.


Sponsor a Discovery Kit Box

Send a box containing STEM+H lesson plans and activities that align with educational guidelines to elementary teachers in northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.


Sponsor a Health Science Café

Health Science Cafes are a series of free, fun events for high school students to talk with local scientists and NKU Faculty about current cutting-edge ideas in health, science, and technology over food and refreshments.


Send a Student to Summer Camp

At our camps, students have the opportunity to learn about different future health careers whilst being immersed in the NKU campus - for free! An opportunity students in their circumstances might not get otherwise.


Supplies for Field Trips

Cover all the supplies needed for a semester of field trips - from stethoscopes to gloves!

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