The Fall 2021 Senior Challenge has now closed. If you have questions about the Senior Challenge, please contact Andi Sharp at or (859) 572-7530. Thank you! 

Fall 2021 Senior Challenge

$4,416 raised from 62 Change Makers!

Deadline to Join: November 5, 2021

Will YOU be an NKU Change Maker?

What programs contributed to your success at NKU? Was it a stop by FUEL NKU for a nutritious meal? A helping hand from the Student Emergency Fund or a visit to UCAP to borrow a textbook? Perhaps you participated in research that gave your resume an edge or was active in on-campus organizations. Students are helped every day thanks to NKU alumni who give back to their alma mater! 

Through the Senior Challenge, you join thousands of alumni who make these programs possible, providing your peers the resources they need to graduate. Become an NKU Change Maker today by joining the Senior Challenge with a gift to the area of NKU you’re most passionate about.   

Be an NKU Change Maker, and you will receive:

Honor Your Class Year - $20.21:

  • An exclusive pair of NKU socks
  • A personalized message in the 2021 graduation program

Energize the Future - $50

  • All above gifts
  • PLUS an NKU branded charging pad

Pave the Path for Future Norse - $75:

  • All above gifts
  • PLUS a custom brick paver installed outside of Steely Library

Where Will You Make a Change?

  NKU Fund for Excellence
Giving to the Fund for Excellence means your donation will be used wherever it is needed most. From technology upgrades for our labs and classrooms to scholarships and programs that enhance the educational experience, your gift will touch the lives of thousands of your fellow Norse. 

Last year, over 900 donor-funded scholarships were awarded so that students could find success and follow their dreams at NKU. Your gift to scholarships will help more students become NKU alumni - just like you.

  Student Emergency Fund
Students shouldn't have to miss out on their college educations when emergencies strike. Through your gift to Student Emergency Fund, your fellow Norse can pay for unforeseen expenses and remain enrolled at NKU. 

FUEL NKU serves about 1,800 pounds of food and helps over 280 students fight food insecurity each week. Your investment in FUEL allows students to focus on their studies instead of where they will find their next meal.

  Your College
A gift to your college offers current and future students the opportunity to pursue hands-on research, experiential learning, study abroad and internships that strengthen their degrees and prepare them for their careers. 

  Norse Athletics
While representing NKU in the game, Norse student-athletes also achieve academically, are involved on campus and in the community. Your gift toward Norse Athletics provides travel and academic support, facilities maintenance and updated resources that elevate play. 

  Center for Student Inclusiveness (CSI)
CSI houses African American Student Initiatives, LGBTQA+ Student Initiatives and Latino Student Initiatives. A gift to one of these departments will strengthen NKU's student-centered programming and inclusive excellence. 

  University Connect and Persist (UCAP) 
UCAP provides mentoring, textbook loans and retention scholarships that help students stay on track toward graduation. In 2019-20, more than 530 students received textbook loans from UCAP, and your gift can ensure even more Norse can benefit from this in the future.

  Norse Violence Prevention Center (NVP) 
NVP provides advocacy services to students impacted by sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. By giving to NVP, you are supporting prevention programming and advocacy resources across campus.

  Student Life
From Greek life to Victorfest, campus organizations and intramurals, Student Life is at the heart of the NKU experience. By supporting Student Life, you will elevate campus traditions and provide future Norse with lasting NKU memories for years to come. 

*The cost of the socks is $10, the charging pad is $8 and the brick is $16. To determine the tax-deductible amount of your gift, you must deduct the amount(s) from your contribution.

For questions about your gift, please contact Andi Sharp, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at or (859) 572-7530.