Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories

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Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories

The MCRC Project was created to tell the story of how and why racial categories were created in America- severing family, ancestral, and romantic ties.  To date, the MCRC Project has produced Part 1 and 2 of our planned series, bringing together students from all disciplines to share their talents and experiences.  We are seeking to raise $25,000 from public support to produce Part 3: What We Did/Do to the Children Matters. 

DVD Cover for Part 1: The Categories Black and White

By donating to our project, you will be investing in the creative and research efforts of NKU students and faculty, as well as the retelling of a history that means so much to millions of Americans.  This project allows our student artists the experience of creating meaningful work and delivering that work to audiences throughout the area.  This opportunity has the potential to jumpstart careers, as well as change the assumptions about who we are as humans.

Soundtrack from Part 2: Let Our Loss Be Heard Songs listed created by NKU faculty and students 

A study of this history tells us that dividing peoples into racial categories has required family, ancestral, romantic, and other ties be severed. Drawing on the transformative powers of the arts, the MCRC project explains this phenomenon in a 4-part documentary series.  Part 3 of the documentary series will take the story beyond the categories Black and White and give special attention to other categories the U.S. legally recognizes today. 

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